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Image courtesy David Rumsay Historical Map Collection There are a number of very useful studies of the history of Scottish roads which will give a reasonable overview of the field. Many of these are online. A list of these resources is given in this section and is not intended to be inclusive. The same entry may be repeated under different categories. Short summaries of some of the resources have been provided.


Resources dealing with roads in each county


Historical Period
Roman Roads
Mediaeval Roads
Turnpike Roads
Military Roads

Drove Roads

19th Century - Government Reports
The following reports contain considerable information about roads in Scotland in the 1800's.
• Reports of the Commissioners for Highland Roads and Bridges
(Am Baile)
Report of the Commissioners for Inquiring into Matters
  relating to Public Roads in Scotland, 1859
(website section with links)
• Report of the The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Condition of Crofters and   Cottars in the Highlands and Islands (Lochaber College, Mallaig)

Bridges and Ferries



Scottish and Regional


All Resources

Coaching Days

Some sites dealing with life on the roads in the stagecoach era - includes post-horn calls.

Roads in Literature, Mythology and Folklore
Roads and journeys are a frequent theme in literature, mythology and folklore. These links explore this archetypal motif.

Other Countries
A small number of links to studies of roads in other countries, including England, Wales and Ireland

Leisure and Heritage Sites
A large number of organisations aim to increase awareness of old paths and tracks that can be easily accessed by walkers and cyclists. Many of these sites contain access and route details, and some contain historical information about the origins of particular paths.