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Roads in 1600: The Maps of Timothy Pont


In 1654 Joan Blaeu of Amsterdam published an Atlas which included a large number of maps of Scotland. These maps were based on the work of Timothy Pont who had single-handedly carried out a survey of Scotland in the 1580's and 1590's, often at great danger to himself.
These maps are of much value for those interested in the history of roads as roads are shown on four of the maps as well as river crossing points and placenames indicative of a road. In addition, some of his topographical notes remain and in some cases these list distances between places which are clearly on routes.

This section looks at each of these for areas in the south of Scotland and suggests routes that may have been associated with them.

The Blaeu and Pont maps are reproduced by permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland. www.nls.uk/maps

Timothy Pont - Outline of his life and work 


Upper and Lower Clydesdale

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GLOTTIANA Praefectura Inferior cum Baronia Glascuensi  
The Nether Warde of Clyds-Dail, and Baronie of Glasco

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GLOTTIANA Praefectura Superior
The Upper Warde of Clyds-Dail


 Berwickshire      Lothians and Linlithgow
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vulgo vicecomitatus, Bervicensis / auct. Timothei Pont. Merce or Shirrefdome of Berwick

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Joh. et Cornelius Blaeu exc.

 Stirlingshire       Teviotdale
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ENSIS PRAEFE-CTURA, [vulgo], Sterlin-Shyr / Auct.
Timoth. Pont


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TEVIOTA Vulgo, Tivedail / auct. Tim. Pont, Io. Blaeu excudit.

Tweeddale      Lauderdale
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TVEDIA cum vicecomitatu Etterico Forestae etiam Selkirkae dictus, / auct. Timotheo Pont.


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LAUDELIA sive Lauderdalia Scotis, vulgo, Lauderdail / Auct. Tim. Pont.


Liddesdale       Eskdale
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LIDALIA vel Lidisdalia regio, Lidisdail / Auct. Timotheo Pont.

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EVIA et Escia Scotis, Evsdail et Eskdail / Auct. Timotheo Pont, I. Blaeu excud.

Borders Overview  

Overview maps of river crossings and placenames and roads implied in texts by or derived from Pont