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The Military Survey of Scotland

Missing Roads

The Military Survey was initially restricted to the Highlands (with the exception of the islands) but was later extended to include the Lowlands. The survey had almost been completed when it was curtailed, the personnel being needed elsewhere (see NLS for more details).

This resulted in a number of areas being incompletely mapped, including the roads.

An attempt has been made below to identify the missing roads, firstly by noting if there are any gaps on a road named on a map e.g. "Road from Kelso to Berwick" where there is a missing stretch just east of Berwick and secondly by noting roads that terminate at the edge of a sheet even if they are not a named road. There are in addition a number of other roads that seem to end for no reason when there is a strong suspicion that they must have continued, particularly when near a settlement. However these roads are not dealt with here.

Unfortunately an element of uncertainty comes in when trying to determine the course of the missing sections as very few maps from before this survey show roads. However, there is at least a fair certainty that maps of a slightly later period will show their course especially if it is the same road.

The Roads

Road from Morpeth to Kelso
This runs into Town Yetholm. From there a route is shown heading in the direction of Sprouston, 2 miles to the east of Kelso where there seems to have been a ferry (see Boat house) but it stops short of there at a sheet edge. It is not clear from the map if the named road used this ferry or ran more directly to Kelso.

Road from Kelso to Wooler
Although the stretch from Wooler is shown it also terminates at a sheet edge near to Sprouston.

Road from Kelso to Berwick
This terminates about 3 miles short of Berwick at the Whiteadder Water. A short stertch of road is shown leaving Berwick in this direction.

Road to Dunbar (from Haddington)
This is shown running from Haddington to just south of Trapain Law where it terminates.

Muir Road from Lauder to Dunbar
This terminates about two miles east of Garvald leaving the rest of the course to Dunbar uncertain.

Unnamed road from Wedderlie (NT6451)
Although heading for Longformacus it ends at the edge of a sheet about two miles west of town.

Road to Eccles and Coldstream
This road running from near Stichill north of Kelso terminates near a sheet edge about two miles short of Eccles. There are several unnamed roads north of this road which also terminate at the sheet edge suggesting the area around Greenlaw was incompletely mapped.

Road from Hawick to Jedburgh
Ends at a sheet edge about two miles east of Hawick

Road to Jedburgh (following River Liddel)
Ends at a sheet edge to the north (NY5799). At the south end it is not continued beyond Kershopefoot about 3 miles south of Newcastleton.

Two unnamed roads
These roads to the SW of Selkirk end at a sheet border

Road from Douglas to Biggar
This road running just north of Tinto terminates at a sheet edge about two miles east of Douglas Water. A road is shown running through Douglas Water to Douglas.

Road from Fintry to Stirling
The route is shown from Stirling to a point about 4 miles east of Fintry

Road to Sanquhar (from Wanlockhead)
Only a very short stretch of this named road is shown heading south from Wanlockhead. It presumably followed the Water of Mennock like the present day road.

Road from Mauchline and Galston to Glasgow
This road ends at a sheet edge about a mile south of Waterside and three miles south of the main Glasgow road.

Unnamed road east of Ayr
A short stretch of road about two miles to the east of Ayr town centre is shown ending at a sheet edge (NS3620) rather than running to join the present A70 line.

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