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Resources on Old Scottish Roads
Coaching Days
A selection of sites dealing with stagecoaches.
The Coach Horn: What to blow and how to blow it
This is a short book dealing with coach and post horns. It contains examples of various calls used by the coachmen - midi files for these are below (RealPlayer).
The Start Near Side Change Horses A Rustic Call
Clear the Road Slacken Pace The Post-Horn Call "Steady"
Off Side Pull Up "Higher Up" Home

Due to the software used these are not exact representations of each tune - the rythym may be slightly out in places and a trumpet sound is used, although it is fairly similar to that of the post-horn. As no tempo is given in the above book, this has been set fairly fast as one imagines the coachmen would have played con brio. A video of Koenig's Post Horn Gallop (which gives an idea of the sound of the instrument) as performed by the Band of the Royal Lancers can be seen here.

The Mail Guard
Details of this occupation, and the uses to which the post-horn was put.

The Great North Road and other coaching classics

Several classic works on the coaching era by Charles G Harper, including The Great North Road, Stage-Coach and Mail in Days of Yore, The Manchester and Glasgow Road: this way to Gretna Green.

Carriages and Their Parts
A page from The Georgian Index detailing the different types of carriages available, with illustrations.

Travellers in Eighteenth-Century England
A chapter on coaches from a book by Rosamond Bayne-Powell