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Mediaeval Roads: Evidence from Charters

Note: The map below is based on the 1913 half-inch map, sheet 23. With thanks to Ordnance Survey.

Dunfermline Charters

Pro communi pastura habenda in mora de Erbentoly terre nostre de Incheturfy
To have common pasture in the moor of Erbentoly in our lands of Incheturfy
Register of Dunfermline: Charter 360, page 246. Robert I (r.1306 to 1329).

This was a charter of Robert I allowing common pasture and the collection of cartloads of turf from near Airntully, about 8 miles north of Perth, viz:
...common pasture in the common moor of Erbentoly and Mukyrsy in our tenement of Kyncleuyn for 40 animals, oxen and cows, and 100 sheep; and common in the same moor for 60 carts of turves annually for the work of the same religious and their men living in their lands of Incheturfy with free entry and exit from the same moor....

......communem Pasturam in communi mora de Erbentoly 7 mukyrsy infra tenementum nostrum de Kyncleuyn pro xl animalibus Bobis 7 vaccis 7 centum ouibus 7 communam in eadem mora pro sexaginta plaustratis turbarum annuatim ad opus ipsorum Religiosorum 7 hominum suorum terram suam de Incheturfy inhabitantium cum libero introitu 7 exitu ad eandem moram.........

Map of Airntully areaInterpretation
It will be seem from the map where these various places are (see Adair's map of 1683 - The Mappe of Straithern, Stormont, & Cars of Gourie with the rivers Tay and Ern).

The common moor would have been between Airntully and Mukyrsy, with access allowed from Incheturfy for collecting the turves and purposes of pasture.