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Roads in the 1600's: The Maps of Timothy Pont

The Glasgow - Kirkintilloch Road

Based on the 1936 1/4" OS map. With thanks to the Ordnance Survey.

Blaeu shows a road between these two places. It does not, however, appear on the Pont original which makes it difficult to say if it existed when Pont was surveying. In lists of distances associated with him and which date from 1644 and which suggest they are routes rather than the relative positions of places, the distance between them is given as 6 miles. In another list he states that the highway from Edinburgh to Glasgow passed through Falkirk. There seems to have been two routes from Falkirk, one of which passed through Kirkintilloch. On this basis a road of sorts between Glasgow and Kirkintilloch probably existed in his time.


Although much of the course of this road has been built over its course was fairly direct on a NNE heading from Glasgow. It skirted Balornock, Auchinairn, Lochgrog (NS 6371) and then headed to Kirkintilloch. It is interesting that this route does not appear on Roy or any later map.


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