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Resources on Old Scottish Roads

Transactions of the Hawick Archaeological Society

Hawick Archaeological Society


A Chapter on Local Bridges, 1877
Local Byways, 1901
Reminiscences of Old Coaching Days 1904
Highways and Byways, Rev W A P Johnman, 1917,21-34
Fords and Bridges, Rev W A P Johnman, 1918, 4-14 (continuation of Highways and Byways)
Hawick and Its Neighbourhood described by travellers at different periods, J Stinton, 1918, 26-50
A Noteworthy Border Bridge (Berwick-upon-Tweed), 1926
Roman Road across the Borders, James Curle, 1930, 40 (note of lecture)
The Sanctuary of Wedale, Stow, Mrs S C Wilson, 1931, 7-10
Mosspaul and Its Associations, James Edgar, 1933, 8-14
Mails in the Good Old Days, Rev W E Rankin, 1935, 17-19
Note O'the Gate, W E Wilson, 1936, 57-60
Border Postal services in Olden Times, Edward Barton, 1939, 40-42
Lilliesleaf and Its Old Roads, Rev J McKenzie, 1947, 5-23 - see here for discussion and map
Lilliesleaf Parish, Rev J McKenzie, 1949
The Roman Road through the Borders, W E Wilson 1952
Hawick Mails from Edinburgh, 1952 (paragraph from "The Scotsman" in 1852)
The Bridges of Haywick, 1954
Read Roads o' Linhope, T M Hardie, 1958, 47-49
Postal History of Hawick, R E Scott, 1975, 3-13
The Kirk Yetholm Gypsies, A V Tokely, 1977, 31-39
Border Hill Tracks - Dere Street, J B Baxter, 1978, 27-30
Postal History, 1982, 26-27
The Lawson Bridge, 1988, 32
Marking the Tolls, 1994, 51
Running from Rome to Glasgow, 2001, 30-31