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Mediaeval Roads: Evidence from Monastic Charters
Overview Map

The map depicts those roads identified so far. Further roads will be added in due course. Due to the scale, the position of the roads is approximate.

The network of Roman roads is shown as these were in use in the middle ages, for example, the Edinburgh to Biggar road used the Roman road on the east side of the Pentlands, Dere Street is mentioned in charters, and the Roman road through Raeburnfoot was a via regia that led to Annandale.

The Roman roads shown here (in red) are only those which are generally accepted. It is highly likely that others existed that have now been lost because of the agricultural changes in the 18th and 19th centuries and because of urbanisation. These missing sections would all have been available for use in the middle ages.

As well as the roads mentioned in the charters, the routes to the toll points for the new burgh of Ayr are shown as is the route from Ayr to the Solway coast.

The above is based on a map of Scotland produced by Eric Gaba and made available on Wikimedia under a Creative Commons licence and Commons: GNU_Free_Documentation_License. With thanks. See original on Wikimedia.