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Mediaeval Roads: Evidence from Charters

The charters of the following abbeys contain a number of references to roads in Perthshire.

Coupar Angus Charters

Inchaffray Charters

Scone Charters
Dunfermline Charters


Overview Map
For details see individual abbeys. Only
the roads mentioned in charters are shown; others can be assumed such as Edinburgh to Perth, Perth to Dunkeld, Perth to Dundee etc. The Roman road crossed the Tay north of Perth and ran towards the area of Kirriemuir. West of Perth, the road shown is that from Inchaffray abbey. A charter for Scone abbey mentions a road near Tibbermore which is very likely to have been the Old Gallows Road but it is not clear if there is any relation between them.
Overview map of Perthshire

Map based on 1923 quarter-inch OS map, sheet 3. With thanks to Ordnance Survey.